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  1. 610 rejeicao: Total da NF difere do somatorio dos valores que compõe o valor total da NF ja no ambiente de homologação coloquei os valores do fpc ai comecou dar este erro -<ICMS> -<ICMS10> <orig>0</orig> <CST>10</CST> <modBC>2</modBC> <vBC>2200.00</vBC> <pICMS>12.0000</pICMS> <vICMS>264.00</vICMS> <vBCFCP>2200.00</vBCFCP> <pFCP>2.0000</pFCP> <vFCP>44.00</vFCP> <modBCST>0</modBCST> <pMVAST>84.3500</pMVAST> <vBCST>4055.70</vBCST> <pICMSST>18.0000</pICMSST> <vICMSST>466.03</vICMSST> <vBCFCPST>1855.70</vBCFCPST> <pFCPST>2.0000</pFCPST> <vFCPST>37.11</vFCPST> </ICMS10>
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